Patrol Leader – Jack DuPont

The  patrol elects a patrol leader, who works with an assistant Scoutmaster to put the patrol’s plans into action.

Quartermaster – Konrad Henkel

A youth officer in a troop, patrol, or Varsity Scout team who keeps the equipment in good shape and maintains an up-to-date inventory of it. In the troop, the quartermaster is appointed by the senior patrol leader with the Scoutmaster’s advice and consent; in the patrol, he is appointed by the patrol leader.

a quartermaster is generally a relatively senior scout who supervises stores and distributes supplies and provisions. The term appears to derive from the title of a German royal official, the Quartiermeister. This term meant “master of quarters” (where “quarters” means lodging/accommodation). Or it could have been derived from “master of the quarterdeck” where the helmsman and Captain controlled the ship. The term was then adopted by some European armies and navies. The first use in English was as a naval term, entering English via the equivalent French and Dutch naval titles quartier-maître and kwartier-meester in the fifteenth century. The term began to refer to army officers in English around 1600.



Scribe –

A scribe is a person who serves as a professional copyist, especially one who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of automatic printing.